[Eng ver] VNG18 Starverse – Amazing Words

29/08/2022 249

Amazing Words is a word matching minigame. Starter will collect different NFT Avatars containing letters to form meaningful sentences/words/phrases set by the program or Starter’s non-numeric domain name and receive rewards at the website https://18.vng.com.vn.

1. Conditions of participation and event time
Starter logged in to the event website using an O365 account and linked with YoVerse wallet.
Event time: 10h00 (GMT+7) August 31st – 12h00 (GMT+7) September 9th.

2. How to play
– After opening the NFT Box, Starter receives one random NFT Avatar and one random character with a random alphabet from A to Z, number 1, or number 8. NFT Avatar’s character attribute scale table here.

– Starter needs to use NFT Avatars containing these letters to form meaningful sentences/ words/ phrases set by the program or Starter’s non-numeric domain name.
– Meaningful sentences/words/phrases set forth by the program include:
Happy Birthday VNG18
Technology champion of Vietnam
Embracing challenges
Advancing partnership
Upholding integrity 

The letter of the NFT Avatar will light up in the corresponding alphabetical order in the wallet. If Starter has 2 NFT Avatars with two letters A, the NFT Avatar containing the 2nd A will light up the A letter in all remaining prizes in the order corresponding to the order of that letter in the wallet.

Once Starter collects enough letters to match a phrase, the “Claim reward” button will light up for Starter to redeem the reward.

The progress chart will help Starter know the progress of other players and the number of prizes that have been redeemed. The fastest Starter who completes the word matching will receive a special prize.
After being redeemed successfully, all NFT Avatars used for phrase-matching will be removed from the wallet forever.
For Starters have more than the number of NFT Avatars needed to redeem, they can choose which NFT Avatar to use. For example, Starter has 3 NFT Avatars with the letter A and the phrases only need to be 2 As, Starter will be able to choose 2 NFT Avatars to use for word matching.

3. Prize
– First Prize (3 prizes): 30,000 STAR/prize when Starter can match all the sentences
Happy Birthday VNG18
– Second Prize (10 prizes): 10,000 STAR/prize when Starter can match all the phrases
Technology champion of Vietnam
– Third Prize (30 prizes): 5,000 STAR/prize when Starter can match all of the 3 phrases
Embracing challenges
Advancing partnership
Upholding integrity
– Consolation Prize (1,000 prizes): 200 STAR/prize when Starter can match the Starter domain name without numbers
Note: Each Starter can receive each prize once.

4. How to collect NFT Avatar
a. Buy NFT Box
In addition to a default NFT Box that Starter can receive after claiming Airdrop, Starter can use STAR to buy more NFT Boxes for 30 STAR/Box and increase their chances of owning many different characters. In which, 20 STAR will be contributed to UpRace fund and 10 STAR will be used to return Starter in case Starter chooses to “Liquidate” NFT Avatar for the system.
Note: Starter can only buy one more NFT Box everyday (after 10:00 every day), Box purchases can be accumulated over the next few days if Starter did not buy the previous day.
b. Buy/Sell at YoVerse Market
c. Bid NFT Avatar or NFT SMT at YoVerse Market
For NFT SMT, after successful bidding and owning one of the NFT SMTs, Starter can generate a (random) NFT Avatar containing the optional character. Starter see details here.
d. Receive from other Starters via feature Transfer of YoVerse Wallet.


  1. How to join and link with YoVerse Wallet
  2. How to join Amazing Words
  3. How to join Amazing Race
  4. Bid NFT SMT Avatars
  5. YoVerse Market – How to use

Contact information
To exchange information during the Starverse event, Starter can join the following Group:
 – Discord: https://discord.gg/WJ3V6jWfvV
Zalo: https://zalo.me/g/sooupq763 

In addition, Organizers will hold a livestream to answer questions directly at https://connect.vng.com.vn at 15h00 (GMT+7) on August 31, 2022. Please join us, Starter!