[VNG18 STARVERSE] How to join and link with YoVerse Wallet

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To access Starvese official website at https://18.vng.com.vn, you need to log in to the system with your Office 365 account on a laptop/ PC.

1. Download YoVerse wallet and create an account

After successful login, Starter needs to link their wallet to participate in event activities. To link the wallet, Starter performs the following steps:

Step 1: Download and install YoVerse wallet on your phone

Using a Laptop/PC, click on the link https://18.vng.com.vn, select iOS or Android operating system, then use your phone to scan the QR Code to download the wallet.

* To download the wallet: For iOS, Starter scans the QR code with the phone camera and opens it with iTunes to download the wallet, the wallet will automatically install after the user selects “Install” on the pop-up. For Android, the user runs the APK file to install.

* To open the application: For iOS, Starter go to Settings/ General/ VNG and Device Management/ Enterprise App/ VNG Corporation/ select Trust “VNG Corporation”.

* To open the application for Android: From a Home screen, navigate to Settings -> Tap Lock screen and security. If unavailable, tap Security -> Tap the Unknown sources switch to turn the feature on -> review prompt then tap OK

Step 2: Create an account on the YoVerse wallet by login with Email or Gmail 

Step 3: Manage your account

– Setup username: Starter follows the instructions on the application. Starter should have your username short and easy to remember.

– Setup account security: Starter chooses one of two methods (Basic or Advanced) and follows the instructions.

*Note: Starter needs to save the Seed Phrase (Security Key) that the system provides. These keywords act as the ultimate and unchangeable passwords to make it easy for Starter to back up the wallet and regain access. If you want to reset the wallet or set up the wallet on other devices, if you don’t enter the Seed Phrase, you cannot restore access.

2. Connect wallet with event website 

Open the YoVerse wallet app on your phone > scan the QR Code on the event website > click the confirm button on your phone to link the YoVerse wallet with your Office 365 account. After connecting successfully, the website will automatically update the interface with full features.

*Note: After the successful wallet link, all tasks on the event website related to receiving or using STAR need confirmation on Starter’s app. Therefore, Starter should enable notifications so they can receive updates immediately.

3.  NFT Avatar
a. Claim your Airdrop

After linking the YoVerse wallet successfully, Starter chooses the “Claim Airdrop” button to receive 1 NFT Box, 1 NFT Starter ID, and 400 STAR.

When opening the NFT Box, Starter will receive one random and unique NFT avatar consisting of any letter from A to Z and luckily will receive the number 1 or number 8. After the first 5000 NFT Boxes are opened, from the 5001st NFT Box, Starter can randomly receive an NFT Avatar containing the number 1 or number 8 when opening their box.

b. Using NFT Avatar

? Join minigame:
+ Amazing Words: Letters linked to the NFT avatar can be used to participate in the Amazing Words minigame (for more information, see the minigame Amazing Words).

+ Amazing Race: NFT Avatar can be used to race with other NFT characters in Amazing Race – an obstacle course minigame with attractive prizes (for more information, see the Amazing Race minigame banner).

? Liquidate: Starter can liquidate the NFT Avatar by clicking “Liquidate” on the NFT Avatar interface and immediately receive 10 STARs from the system.

? Sell: Starter can also sell their NFT Avatar to other Starters by clicking the “Sell” button on the NFT Avatar interface and making transactions on Marketplace. (Guide Marketplace).

? Transfer: Starter can transfer the NFT Avatar to other Starters by clicking the “Transfer” button on the NFT Avatar interface.

c. Combine NFT

– Why do you need to combine NFT?
NFT Combine means generating 1 SBT (SoulBound Token) by combining NFT Avatar with NFT Starter ID. This way, Starter can own an exclusive NFT Avatar with its own style and identity. It is also a digital item exclusively for Starter to memorize the occasion of VNG18 birthday. What’s more?! Starter who owns SBT can earn certain benefits in the future.

– When should you combine NFT?
After combining NFT Avatar and NFT Starter ID, your NFT Avatar and NFT Starter ID will disappear and turn to 01 SBTs in the shape of the combined NFT Avatar. SBTs can participate in Amazing Race and cannot participate in activities of buying, selling, exchanging, transferring NFT, and matching words in Amazing Words. Therefore, Starter needs to consider the right time to combine NFT.

– Steps to combine NFT:
Step 1: Go to My Wallet, select NFT Starter ID and click “Combine NFT”.
Step 2: Select the NFT Avatar you want to combine with NFT Starter ID

Step 3: Click select and perform the confirmation on the wallet. After successfully combining SBT, Starter will have Starter’s ID on the selected NFT Avatar.

Allocation Flow:


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Contact information
To exchange information during the Starverse event, Starter can join the following Group:
 – Discord: https://discord.gg/WJ3V6jWfvV
Zalo: https://zalo.me/g/sooupq763 

In addition, Organizers will hold a livestream to answer questions directly at https://connect.vng.com.vn at 15h00 (GMT+7) on August 31, 2022. Please join us, Starter!