[Eng ver] VNG18 Starverse – How to join Amazing Race

29/08/2022 300

Amazing Race is a casual racing game. Starter will use 1 NFT Avatar in his wallet to participate in the race and accumulate points through different levels. Starter will receive STAR bonus based on the ranking at the end of the game.

1. Conditions of participation: Starter owns at least 1 NFT Avatar in the wallet.

2. Event time:
– Day 1: 10am Sep 5, 2022 – 6pm Sep 5, 2022
– Day 2: 10am Sep 6, 2022 – 6pm Sep 6, 2022
– Day 3: 10am Sep 7, 2022 – 6pm Sep 7, 2022

3. Reward time: 9pm September 7, 2022

4. Game information
– Starter will use any 1 NFT Avatar in the wallet to participate in the game.
– Starter will have 2 free plays per day. Starter can buy more plays for 3 STAR/turn. The maximum total number of additional purchases is 8 times/day.
– Maximum time per round: 05:30s.

5. How to play
Preparation: After using your turn, the Starter is placed in random rooms of 6-10 people. When there are 6 people in the room, 30 seconds will be counted down to the start of the game. During the countdown, another player can either join the room or someone leaves the room. When the number of players remaining is less than 6, the countdown will be interrupted and players will have to wait until there are at least 6 players in the room.

Begin: Starter uses his NFT Avatar to overcome obstacles to the finish line. During the movement, there will be items that complement the NFT Avatar’s speed, there are also traps that extend the NFT Avatar’s movement time. Starter uses the “←, ↑, ↓, →” or “A, W, S, D” navigation buttons to move, and the “Space” key to jump

6. Score rules
The score of each Starter will be calculated corresponding to that Starter’s rank and the total number of participants in the contest room (the larger the number of racers, the higher the score will be). Specifically, if there are N participants in that round, the number of points received will be

– Rank 1: N of score
– Rank 2: N-1 of score
– Rank 3: N-2 of score
– ….
– Rank N: 1 of score

The points earned after each turn will be accumulated and used to rank with all other players.

7. Prize
Main Prize: Based on the total accumulated points according to the ranking, Top 104 Starters have a chance to receive the following number of STAR:
– 01 First Prize: 12,300 STAR/prize (Rank: 1)
– 02 Second Prizes: 6,000 STAR/prize (Rank: 2, 3)
– 03 Third Prizes: 3,000 STAR/prize (Rank: 4 – 6)
– 06 Fourth Prizes: 1,400 STAR/prize (Rank: 7 – 12)
– 41 Fifth Prizes: 800 STAR/prize (Rank: 13 – 53)
– 51 Sixth Prizes: 500 STAR/prize (Rank: 54 – 104)

Consolation Prize:
– In case there are less than 300 Starters eligible to win the Consolation prize (Starter from rank 105 to rank 403), each Starter will receive 200 STAR for a Consolation prize.

– In case there has more than 300 Starters eligible to win a Consolation prize (with a total of more than 403 ranks), the number of STAR of the Consolation prize is calculated by the allocated budget (100,000 STAR) plus the total number of STAR accumulated by purchasing the turn to play the game of Starters divided equally by the number of remaining Starters.


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Contact information

To exchange information during the Starverse event, Starter can join the following Group:
– Discord: https://discord.gg/WJ3V6jWfvV
– Zalo: https://zalo.me/g/sooupq763 

In addition, Organizers will hold a livestream to answer questions directly at https://connect.vng.com.vn at 15h00 (GMT+7) on August 31, 2022. Please join us, Starter!