VNG Creators | Raise your voice – Share your view – Rock your Life at VNG

23/05/2023 128

To promote the culturally diverse and supportive working environment at VNG across the company’s departments, offices, and media channels, CBC Team introduces the VNG Creators program – the dynamic content-sharing community for Starters to raise your voice, share your views, and exchange the vibrancy of their working life at VNG.

If you are active on social media platforms, join VNG Creators program to further the company’s image on VNG’s social channels. As a member of VNG Creators, Starters will have the opportunity to:
? Share your experiences working at VNG to global audience
? Connect with talented Starters in Vietnam and all over the world
? Receive merchandises exclusively from “Life at VNG”

To become an official VNG Creator, please review the detailed information in the table below!

The reward mechanism for members of VNG Creators is as follows:
– For each “task” completed and posted on VNG’s media channels, Starters will receive a special item that bears the hallmark of Life at VNG.
– For each completed task that has not been posted on VNG’s media channels, Starters will receive a bonus point to participate in a lucky draw at the end of each quarter to win various attractive prizes.

Don’t hesitate any longer, Starters! Register now to join the VNG Creators community:

Register here:
Participants: All Starters from VNG offices in Vietnam and abroad
Registration deadline: Before 11.59 PM, June 10, 2023

If there is any unclear information, please contact domain NhuDPQ via Teams or Zalo for clarification.