[Eng ver] VNG18 STARVERSE – Important keywords and FAQs

29/08/2022 1,120

1. Keyword explanation

Blockchain: a decentralized electronic ledger distributed on many different computers that stores all transaction information to ensure that such information is unchangeable. The data on the blockchain is transparent and cannot be interfered with.

Token: the term used to refer to cryptocurrencies which are representative currencies of a Blockchain network and bring value through transactions on the network. Token has more uses than coin. The 02 terms coin and token are sometimes used interchangeably out of habit or misunderstanding.

Coin: the virtual currency built on its blockchain platform.

NFT: stands for Non-Fungible Token. It is the latest application of Blockchain technology. Each NFT represents a unique file, and as such, they are unique and non-interchangeable.

Airdrop: a form of free gifting for users, often used in advertising strategies, introducing ICO projects (first coin issuance) to attract users to participate in the coin project community.

YoVerse Wallet: E-wallet used to participate in the VNG18 Starverse event.

YoVerse Market: a website where Starter can buy, sell, and auction NFT items in the VNG18 Starverse event.

STAR: token used in transactions on YoVerse Wallet during VNG18 Starverse event.

NFT Box: Starter item box received when participating in the event. When opening the item box, the system will automatically generate 01 random NFT Avatar.

NFT Avatar: A unique virtual character combined with different elements such as hair colors, costumes, and accessories ranked by rarity, accompanied by a random alphanumeric character. When these factors are combined to produce a complete NFT Avatar, they are rated in ascending order of Common, Normal, Scarce, Rare, Very Rare, and Extremely Rare.

NFT Starter ID: An exclusive token corresponding to the Starter employee identity number. Starters cannot buy, sell, trade, or convert this token.

SBT Starter: combined version of 1 NFT Starter ID and any 1 NFT Avatar. SBT Starter is a unique representation of Starter and cannot be traded or transferred from one user to another.

Address/Public Key: a piece of code (or address) that allows receiving NFT Avatars from the sender (you can use a username to receive NFTs from friends, so when setting a username, the user should keep it short for later use).

Seed Phrase (Security keyword): Starter needs to store the Seed Phrase that the system gives. These keywords act as the ultimate and unchangeable passwords to make it easy for Starter to back up the wallet and regain access. For operations related to resetting the wallet or setting up the wallet on other devices, if the Seed Phrase is not entered, it will not be possible to restore access.

2. FAQs

Is it mandatory to create a YoVerse wallet account by using VNG email?
To create an account on YoVerse wallet, you are not required to use VNG email. You can choose by login with Google or other Email accounts.

After combining SBTs, is my NFT character still valid?
No. After combining NFT Avatar with NFT Starter ID, your NFT Avatar and NFT Starter ID will disappear, and you will receive 1 SBTs in the shape of the combined NFT Avatar. SBTs can participate in Amazing Race and cannot participate in Amazing Words.

Can STAR exchange for money?
STAR cannot be exchanged for money, Starter can only use STAR to buy NFT Box, buy turn to play Amazing Race, trade on YoVerse Market and donate to UpRace fund.

How can I have VNG18 items?
Starter can have VNG18 items when participating in auctions or carry out transactions on YoVerse Market.

During the Amazing Race game, if there is a network error or other errors, can I get a return?
No. Starter will lose your turn if you encounter problems related to exiting the game. Starter please note to ensure a stable network connection before participating in the game.

If I exit the Amazing Race game while playing, will I receive a bonus score?
Starter who exit the game during play will be counted as the last person to receive the lowest score.

How do I get other letters besides buying the NFT Box?
Starter can acquire additional letters by purchasing NFT Avatars sold by other players at YoVerse Market, receiving NFT Avatars from other players, or owning NFT SMT Avatars in exchange for any 1 character.

Can I change the characters received from NFT SMT Avatar?
No. Receiving letters is only done once per NFT SMT, Starter considers carefully before choosing the letters that you want to receive.

Can I still receive NFT items after September 15th?
Starter please receive NFT items by September 15th. After the above time, the event website will be closed and you will no longer be able to access it.

What should I do if I do not receive a confirmation message on YoVerse Wallet?
When performing an action on the event website https://18.vng.com.vn but did not receive the authentication request on the YoVerse Wallet, Starter can go to the event website and unlink the wallet, then link the wallet and continue to follow next steps.


  1. How to join and link with YoVerse Wallet
  2. How to join Amazing Words
  3. How to join Amazing Race
  4. Bid NFT SMT Avatars
  5. YoVerse Market – How to use

Contact information
To exchange information during the Starverse event, Starter can join the following Group:
 – Discord: https://discord.gg/WJ3V6jWfvV
Zalo: https://zalo.me/g/sooupq763 

In addition, Organizers will hold a livestream to answer questions directly at https://connect.vng.com.vn at 15h00 (GMT+7) on August 31, 2022. Please join us, Starter!