[VNG18 – MARVERSE] Nearly 1600 Starters conquer 18,000km for VNG’s 18th birthday

15/09/2022 278

The Marverse (Marathon verse) running challenge taking place from 20- 31 August, has received enthusiastic support from more than 1500 Starters, including overseas offices in Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan,…

Together they have achieved the 18,000 kilometer milestone after three days of starting the race. By the end of the event, Starters have achieved a record of 84,090 km, which is more than twice the length of the equator. This result reaffirms the “Embracing challenge” spirit of Starters after two years celebrating the company’s anniversary online.

Respectively, GE was the business unit that completed the most kilometers with an impressive number of 30,959 km, while Payment owned the highest average number of kilometers per person with 80km/member. The top 3 best teams were GE_GS2 Running For KPI (3,816 km), ZA_ZAR (3.792 km), and PY_Running for pants (3,254 km). The best male and female athletes were Mr. Ho Anh Khoa (511 km) and Ms. Truong Yen Nhi (462 km).

Mr. Truong Van Hieu, captain of the GS2_Run for KPI team, said: “Marverse is a novel contest that helps create a fun competition among Starters. To be the best team, eight people from the GS2 team had to challenge our limits. In the end, everyone was proud of ourselves.”

Ho Anh Khoa, Marverse’s best male athlete, said: “For me, Marverse is a competition to challenge willpower, determination, and physicality. I never thought I could run that far. Thanks to this event, I enhance my knowledge of training and nutrition in order to perform well and safely in the competition.”

As for the best female athlete Truong Yen Nhi, this VNG18 birthday is also her 10th year working at the company, which made her memories with Marverse more meaningful. “Over the past ten years with VNG, I have had the chance to enjoy a memorable birthday event each year. I hope the Organizing Committee will keep the enthusiasm to create more new events to help maintain the spirit of solidarity, work hard play hard of VNG’s staff.”