ZaloPay joins forces to help the underprivileged children

13/04/2023 49

On March 27, ZaloPay organized charitable visits at nine orphanages, schools, and nursing homes in an effort to support underprivileged and disadvantaged children.

As part of the annual team building program, ZaloPay divided their teams into nine voluntary missions, covering seven orphanages (Hong An, Hoa Mai, Thien Binh, Hong Quang, Phuc Lam, Thien Than, Thi An), one nursing home (Thien Tam), and one school (Mai Linh Private School for those with Intellectual Disability).

Each team was assigned with different tasks, such as refurbishing facilities, cleaning the surroundings, and organizing interactive activities. In addition, fundraising activities were initiated by ZaloPay staffs to offer gifts.

Le Hoang Giang, a ZaloPay employee, said: “Volunteering brings joy to the less fortunate and helps volunteers feel at peace by giving and contributing to the society.”. Ms. Nghia, 83 years old, living at Thien Tam Nursing Home was moved by the initiatives: “I did not have the opportunity to advance in life, though I am grateful to receive the care and support from younger generations”.

ZaloPay staff paint and repair facilities at Hoa Mai Orphanage

Previously, ZaloPay implemented many community projects such as the “Million golden hearts fight the pandemic” campaign which donated 1 billion VND to the Covid vaccine fund; raised 500 million VND for the program “As If We Were Never Apart…”, and provided 60 scholarships and financial aid for parents during the 2023 Lunar New Year.

Leveraging the advantage of being the only e-wallet directly integrated into Zalo, a popular messaging app with 100 million users, ZaloPay aims to bring charity programs to more beneficiaries and people in need. Nguyen Tran Phuong Ngoc, Head of Brand at ZaloPay said, “ZaloPay always aims to become the ‘national e-wallet’ – not only by developing the best product but also by creating the most value for the community.”