[VNG18 STARVERSE] How to use YoVerse Market

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Two methods of selling NFTs in the YoVerse Market:
– Sell at a fixed price.
– Bid in a timed auction.
After successfully connecting with the wallet, Starter go to My Profile section to be informed the following information tabs:
– Owned: NFTs that Starter have already had in the wallet.
– On Market: NFTs available on YoVerse Market for sale.
– Bids: NFTs owned by Starter who are participating in the auction and the NFTs listed for sale by timed auction method.
– Offers: NFTs that are making offers by Starter, and NFTs owned by Starter that are made offers by the other.
– Liked: includes the NFTs that Starter has pressed the heart button. Starter can give a heart for his/her own NFT.

1. Sell at Fixed Price
a. How to sell the NFTs
Eligibility to make a sale: Starter own at least one NFT and have linked YoVerse wallet to the event website.
Steps to sell the NFT:
Step 1: Access the “Owned” tab to check the NFTs available on your wallet.
Step 2: Make a quick sale by clicking the “Place on Market” button on the NFTs in the “Owned” tab, or clicking on each NFT and then selecting the “Place on Market” button.
Method 1: Select the “Place on Market” button on any NFT.

Method 2: Select “Place On Market” at the detail screen of any NFT.

Step 3: Follow the information appears at the NFT listing screen:
– Duration (item no.1): For selling at Fixed Price, the maximum duration is 90 days, and the minimum duration is 1 hour after the time of making a sale on Starter’s devices.
– Price (item no.2): The selling price must be greater than 0 (you can only enter 2 digits after the decimal point).
– Fees of transaction: For now, Starter can make the transactions for free on YoVerse Market.
Starter please fully update the information of items 1 and 2. After that, Starter click the “Place on market” button (item no. 4) to verify the listing. If you do not want to sell the NFT anymore, you can press the Cancel button (item no.3) to close the screen.

Step 4: Authenticate on YoVerse Wallet app.
After pressing the “Place on market” button, the transaction request message will be sent to Starter devices. Starter click on the notification or open YoVerse Wallet, then enter the password to authenticate the sale.
After successfully authenticating the wallet, the transaction will be processed. As soon as the transaction is processed successfully, YoVerse Market will display the details page of the NFT sold.
Note: After verifying the listing, NFT will be transferred to the wallet address associated with YoVerse Market. NFT will be transferred to the wallet in case the listing period expires or Starter cancels the listing.
b. How to cancel NFT’s listing?
After successful listing, your NFT will be moved to the “On Market” tab. In order to cancel the NFT listing for sale, please go to “My Profile” section on YoVerse Market and find the NFT needed to be removed from the available for sale list.
Step 1: Go to My Profile/ On Market and click the “Remove from market” button on the NFT tab, or click the similar button in the details screen of that NFT.
Method 1: Click the “Remove from market” button from the detail screen of NFT.

Method 2: Click the “Remove from market” button from the My Profile tab

Step 2: Click the “Continue On Wallet” button to confirm NFT selling cancellation from the YoVerse Market.
Next, Starter will receive a confirmation request to cancel the sale on the wallet app, then click the notification or open the YoVerse Wallet app to enter the password for authenticating the sale.
Step 3: After the cancellation is confirmed, NFT will be sent back to Starter’s wallet. On the YoVerse Market, NFT will be sent back to the Owned tab.

At the time the selling of NFT ends, YoVerse Market will automatically remove NFT from the platform and transfer it to Starter’s wallet. In this case, Starter do not need to perform verification on the wallet.
c. How to buy NFT
Step 1: Starter can buy quickly by clicking the “Buy now” button on that NFT card. In addition, Starter can view the details of the NFT at that NFT detail page before making an immediate purchase.
Step 2: The request for confirmation will be displayed. In case Starter do not have enough STAR to buy NFT, the “Buy” button is not operable.
For NFTs that Starter can buy immediately, please verify that you agree to the YoVerse Market terms of use, then click the “Buy” button to verify the transaction from the YoVerse Wallet app.
Step 3: On the YoVerse Market, a request for authentication will appear. At this time, a transaction confirmation message will be sent to Starter’s device.
Step 4: After verifying the transaction on the wallet, the process will start. As soon as the transaction process is successful, YoVerse Market will send a notification to those who successfully purchased and owned NFT. At this point, the NFT has been transferred to the Starter wallet for you to make a sale.
2. Bid in a Time Auction
a. How to create a timed auction for NFT
Step 1: Access the “Owned” tab to check your NFTs, then select “Place on Market” to create a NFT Timed Auction.
Step 2: At the “Place on market” screen, select the Timed Auction tab

Step 3: Some information will be displayed in the screen for sale:
– Method (item no.1) – Auction method. Currently, YoVerse Market only supports auctions with the “Sell to the highest bidder” method, it means, the person with the highest bid will own the NFT.
– Duration (item no.2): Auction period. Auction time has the minimum is 15 minutes & the maximum is 30 days. The system will default to 3 days from the auction creation.
– Minimum bid increment (item no.3) –  the minimum price difference from the highest price. The minimum price jump is 5% & the maximum is 10%. The default for all increments is 5%.
– Starting price (item no.4). STAR is the default payment token type.
– Include Buy Now option (item no.5): the price at which participants can immediately own NFT without auction (optional).
Starter updated information in all of the above items. Then, click the “Place on market” button (item no.8) to conduct the auction validation. If Starter want to cancel the auction, press the Cancel button (item no.7) and close the screen.
Step 4:  Authenticate on YoVerse Wallet app.
After pressing the “Place on market” button, the transaction request will be sent to your device. Please click on the notification or open YoVerse Walle, then enter the password to authenticate the auction.
– Starter will not pay any fees.
– Your NFT will be transferred to the YoVerse Market wallet during the auction time. This means Starter cannot accept the Offer of that NFT or take other actions, related to the NFT ownership.
– Starter can cancel the auction only when no one participated in the auction.
– Starter can track the auction process at the Bidding History tab in the NFT Detail page.
– Starter will receive Token from the auction winner when the auction ends
b. How to cancel an auction for NFT
Starter can only cancel the auction when no one has participated in the auction. To cancel the NFT auction, selects “Remove From Market” at the NFT card or “NFT Detail”.
> Click “Continue on Wallet” to confirm the auction cancellation from YoVerse Market.
After the cancel transaction is processed, the NFT will be transferred to your wallet. On YoVerse Market, the canceled NFT will return to the Owned tab.
*Note: In case the auction time ends without participants, YoVerse Market will automatically remove NFT from the exchange and transfer it to Starter’s wallet. In this case, Starter do not need to verify the wallet.
c. How to join the NFT auction
Starter can only participate in auctions for NFTs that are currently being auctioned and are not your own. NFTs that are currently on auction can be found on YoVerse Market by filtering for NFTs with the category “On Auction”. To participate in the auction, follow these steps:
Step 1: Select “Place Bid” at the NFT card or in the NFT Detail.
Step 2: Enter the value you want to bid, meet these conditions:
– The auction value must be greater than 0,
– The auction value must be less than the number of STARs that Starter owns (Balance),
– The auction value must be greater than or equal to the starting price (if no one has participated in the auction yet),
– The bid value must be higher than the Highest Bid which is at least equal to the bid increment.
Step 3: Agree to the conditions of YoVerse Market.
Step 4: Click “Place Bid” and verify on Starter’s YoVerse Wallet.
If the level bid offered by Starter meets these above conditions, Starter will become the Highest Bid and hold the NFT. NFT will be owned by the highest bid until the auction ends. If Starter bid is greater than or equal to the Buy Now Price (if applicable), you will take ownership of the NFT immediately and the auction will end.
– Starter have the highest auction and will have the Tokens which will be held by YoVerse Market until a higher bidder is available.
– Starters are Outbid ( the higher bidder is available) will be refunded Tokens to YoVerse Wallet.
– If Starter participate in the auction at the last 10 minutes before the end, your auction end time will be added by 10 minutes.
– Starter will not be entitled to remove the auction already created.
3. Make Offer
a. How to make Offer
Starter can make an Offer for NFTs that are not open for sale (In Wallet) or are open for sale (On Sale) on YoVerse Market through the following steps:
Step 1: Access the detailed page of NFT you want, click “Make Offer”.

Step 2: Enter the estimated price > set the end time of Offer > click “I agree to YoVerse Market’s Terms of Service”.

*Note: After the Offer end time, if the NFT owner does not accept the Offer, the Offer will be automatically canceled. In the Price field, Starter cannot enter an amount of STARs larger than the current wallet balance.
Step 3: Open YoVerse Wallet on the phone > click to accept and enter password to confirm the transaction.
Notes to make offer for NFT:
– Immediately after the successful bid, Starter’s assets will be held by the Smart Contract until the owner of the NFT accepts the Offer or the Offer expires.
– If the Offer of Starter expires and is not accepted, STAR will be returned to Starter’s YoVerse wallet.
– If NFT owner accepts the Offer, NFT will automatically transfer to Starter’s YoVerse wallet.
– Offer will follow the NFT, which means that anyone who is the owner of the NFT will be entitled to accept the Offer of that NFT and the Offer will not be lost if the owner is changed.
– Only the person who created the Offer is allowed to cancel that Offer.
b. How to cancel Offer
Starter can only cancel the Offer when the Offer has not been accepted. After canceling the Offer, STAR will be automatically transferred to Starter’s YoVerse wallet. Steps to cancel the created Offer are as follows:
Step 1: Go to the details page of an NFT, scroll down to the Offers section and you will see a list of Offers. For your Offers, a “Cancel” button will be displayed.

Step 2: Click Cancel > choose “I understand, continue”.
Step 3: Go to YoVerse wallet, click accept and enter password to confirm Offer cancellation.
c. How to accept Offer
Starter can only accept Offers made against the NFT that you own. To accept the Offer, Starter access to the NFT detail page > see the Offer list displayed in the Offers section, including the information: price, Offer expiration, Offer offerer > Select “Accept” and access to wallet to authenticate the transaction. After successful acceptance, NFT will be transferred to the person who made the Offer, Starter will receive the corresponding STAR number.


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Contact information
To exchange information during the Starverse event, Starter can join the following Group:
 – Discord: https://discord.gg/WJ3V6jWfvV
Zalo: https://zalo.me/g/sooupq763 

In addition, Organizers will hold a livestream to answer questions directly at https://connect.vng.com.vn at 15h00 (GMT+7) on August 31, 2022. Please join us, Starter!