[VNG18 STARVERSE] How to auction and exchange real items at Starverse

06/09/2022 320

Starter can use STAR to auction VNG18 items or high value items on YoVerse Market to exchange for real items after the event ends.

Auction parameters are as follows:
– Starting Price: 10% of the item value.
– Jump: 5%. Each new bid offered by Starter must be at least 5% higher than the current highest bid to be considered valid.
– End Price:
       – For VNG18 items: 200% of the item value.
       – For high value items: no limit.

1. VNG18 items are distributed according to the following ratio:
– VNG18 items: will be allotted in a split 50% will bid time out and 50% will allow the last bid (high price).

No. VNG18 item Quantity
1 Lock & Lock thermos cup white 250
2 Canvas bag sample 1 250
3 Canvas bag sample 2 250
4 Minh Long white cup model 1 380
5 Minh Long white cup model 2 370
6 T-shirt model 1 500
7 T-shirt model 1 500
8 Notebook model 1 750
9 Notebook model 1 750

– High value items: all items will be timed auction: All auctions will be timed out.

No. High value item Quantity
1 Iphone 13 Pro Max 256GB  3
2 iPad Pro M1 11 inch WiFi 256GB (2021)  5
3 Apple Watch SE 40mm  8
4 Wireless mouse Logitech POP MOUSE 100

Items after successful auction will be owned by Starter as NFT items and will be exchanged for real items after the event ends. Details on how to bid Starter can be found at YoVerse – Guidelines.

2. Instructions for exchanging items after the bidding
Auction time: 10h00 August 31st 2022 – 12h00 September 9th 2022.
Item exchange time: 12h00 September 9th 2022 đến 12h00 September 15th 2022.
Estimated time of item delivery: from 1st October 2022.

To exchange items, Starter can do one of two ways:
– Method 1: Access the Redeem section on the event website > Select to redeem the successfully auctioned items > Confirm on YoVerse Wallet app > Check Email to receive detailed instructions on the process of receiving the following items event.

Method 2: Go to My Wallet on the event homepage > Choose to exchange successfully auctioned items > Continue the steps to redeem gifts as in method 1.

Note: You can only choose to change each item in turn, but you cannot choose to change many items at the same time. Information on the exchanged items will be aggregated at the end of the program and sent to the Starters after 60 days from the end of the event.


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Contact information
To exchange information during the Starverse event, Starter can join the following Group:
 – Discord: https://discord.gg/WJ3V6jWfvV
Zalo: https://zalo.me/g/sooupq763