[VNG18 – MARVERSE] Conquer running challenge – get hundreds of millions

08/08/2022 399

To celebrate VNG’s 18th birthday, we introduce you to Marverse, an exclusive running challenge for Starters to achieve 18,000km together in 12 days.

Are Starters ready to conquer the challenge and win hundreds of millions of VND for your team yet? Follow the rules below so you don’t miss two exciting activities in Marverse!


1. General rules:
– Eligibility: Starters at VNG (including interns, collaborators, probationary and full-time employees at VNG). Teams located in different offices, especially outside Vietnam are encouraged to participate.
– Platform used to record running distance: UpRace
– Method of competition: Team challenge
– Timeline:
In case of dispute, Dispute Settlement Council’s decision shall be final. The Council members include:
– Mr. PhuongBM
– Ms. ThanhTC
– Mr. TinLT4

During the challenge, if any violation is detected, participants will no longer be eligible for prizes and all achievements will be eliminated from the overall achievements of the team. 

2. Rules for forming and joining teams
– From 10/08/2022 to end of day (EOD) 14/08/2022, each team need to have one representative register at link (the registration form will open from 00h00, 10/08);
– On 15/08/2022, the Organizing Committee will send an event invitation link to team’s representatives to confirm team registration. Deadline to submit the confirmation form is 16/08/2022 (EOD).
– On 17/08/2022, the Organizing Committee will announce the list of qualified teams and send the event link to all Starters.
– Starters can only change team before 20/08/2022 (event date).

– Running challenge is eligible for VNG employees only. Starters will verify UpRace account via OTP in VNG email.
– The maximum number of members in one team is 18. Cross-department teaming and cross-functional teaming in the same BU are encouraged.
– Teams are named in the format BU_TeamName. For example: GE_Running Man.
(PY – Payment, ZA – Zalo, BO – Back office, GE – Game, CLS – Cloud, INCT – Incubator)
– The Organizing Committee will not acknowledge those teams who haven’t finalized the registration before the official competition date (20/08/2022).
– All teams register after 14/08/2022 are not eligible.

 3. Competition rules
– Achievements (*) are counted from 00h00 on 20/08 to EOD 31/08 (12 days);
– Teams will only be counted as winners if they meet the following criteria:
+  The team register via the Organizing Committee’s link
+ Correct team name format (BU_Team Name)

Starters’ running record be counted as complete the challenge if the following requirements (*) are met:
– Running speed: 4:00-15:00 min/km
– Minimum running distance: 1 km/activity
– Minimum achievement during the event: 18km
– Active for at least 6 days

4. Prize structures:
– For BU’s Lucky Prize: For every 180km completed, the team will be given 01 chance for the lucky draw. For example: The BO_CBC team completes 1000km will receive 05 chances for the lucky draw. The lucky draw mechanism will be informed by the Organizing Committee.
– The team’s reward will be distributed equally among team members.
– Starter will only receive the winning team shirt and rewards if his/her meets the requirements (*) above.


We also organize an online challenge ‘Show your record – Get your reward’ with gifts for excellent Starters who completed the first 18km milestone.

1. Rules
– Timeline: From 12 AM Aug 20 to 11:59 PM  Aug 25.
– Eligibility: Starters who have joined a team on the UpRace app;
– Guidance:
+ Step 1: After completing 18km, Starter takes a screenshot of the running record on the UpRace app;
+ Step 2: Post that photo on Starter’s personal Facebook account with the hashtag #VNG18_IntotheVerse #VNG18_Marverse #18kmchallenge, set it to public mode and tag 2 other Starters
+ Step 3: Fill in the information on the link of the Organizing Committee.

2. Prize structures
– 36 Starters who complete the first challenge, will be eligible to enter the lucky draw. The Organizing Committee will conduct the lucky draw and announce the results on the Event Page on 26/08.
– The award structure includes:
+ 18 prizes worth 180.000 VND
+ 18 prizes worth 80.000 VND
(The prizes will be transferred via ZaloPay).

– Each Starter is only allowed to post 1 article and fill out the form once;
– Posts that deem fraudulent (photoshopped, distorted, filtered, posted from unverified accounts) will be counted as invalid. The Organizing Committee will have full authority to decide and handle cases of alleged violations;
– In case of dispute, Dispute Settlement Council’s decision shall be final;
– The method to draw the lucky number will be announced by the Organizing Committee to the Starters who receive the lucky draw’s prizes.

Details of the above-mentioned activities will soon be revealed. Don’t forget to follow the Start email, VNG OA, and event page VNG18 to not miss the latest information about Marverse!

If you have any questions, please contact domain NhungNT4 or AnhNP2 for more information!