[VNG18 – CODEVERSE] Coding universe is now open for algorithm lovers

24/08/2022 316

Codeverse – a coding playground for algorithm-lovers with a total prize of 66 million VND will officially be launched on VNG’s 18th birthday, 09 September 2022. 

As part of the VNG18 series of events, Codeverse offers several exciting challenges developed by Technical Leaders at VNG. This is also an opportunity for Starter to practice algorithms, connect with the developer and coder community in VNG, and win big rewards!

Follow the details below to become a star in our Codeverse!

I. Codeverse
– Register and compete at https://codetour.org/. Starter finds detailed instructions in section III.
– Time: 09 September 2022
– Format: Individual
– Exam room: Participants choose 01 out of 02 rooms for the competition
+ Basic level: O(n) room
+ Advanced level: O(1) room
– Rounds of competition:
– Registration period: 24 August to before 10:00 am 09 September. During the registration period, Starter may change the contest room between O(1) and O(n).
– Rewards:
+ Elimination round: Top 50 contestants of each contest room will receive one cool polo shirt.
+ Final round:
– All rewards will be transferred to Starter’s ZaloPay.
– Winners of the Elimination round who join the Final round at VNG Campus will receive polo shirts immediately, a voucher F&B to use in the event VNG18 – Into the Verse and a random gift in kind for 50 candidates check-in earliest.

II. Demo contest
For Starter to familiarize themselves with the platform and gain perspectives on the difficulty of the competition rooms, the Demo contest will be opened from 24 August to 07 September for all algorithm lovers to give their coding minds a trial run:

– Methods: 2 contest rooms (with two different level sets of questions)
+ Basic level: O(n) room
+ Advanced level: O(1) room
– Note: Demo contest rankings do not apply for rewarding or ranking in the official Codeverse contest taking place on 09 September. 

Please follow the instructions in section III to prepare well for the official challenge on 09 September.

III. Registration and participation

1/ Registration
? Step 1: Access https://codetour.org/ by either:
– Log in using a Microsoft account with the domain “vng.com.vn”
– Or register using a Microsoft account with the domain “vng.com.vn”
? Step 2: After logging in successfully, Starter check in the “Contest” section and choose the “Private” tab, enter code “VNG18CODEVERSE”.
Step 3: Starter choose “Register” to choose either O(1) or O(n) contest room. Starter can change the contest room before 10:00 am on 09 September.

2/ Participation
? Step 1: The contest starts as soon as the screen shows “Enter room” -> click onto “Enter room”
Step 2: The system automatically switches to the contest platform -> select the Problems tab > click on the headline to view the exam questions.
Step 3: Read the question and install the source code on your personal computer. After completing solving the source code and finishing checking it -> submit the problem by pasting the source code into the editor -> select Language. Candidates can choose “Run code” to check their work (optional).
Step 4: Click “Submit” when you are sure you have completed the test and view your result at “My Submissions”.
Step 5: View your rank on the Scoreboard tab.

Note: During the test, you can ask questions in the Q&A tab.

IV. Contest rules
– Starter must log in with the “vng.com.vn” email account to create an account to participate in VNG18 Codeverse.
– After the registration deadline of Elimination round (10:00 am, 09 September)
+ Registered Starters are only allowed to enter the same exam room previously selected.
+ An unregistered Starter can still take the exam, but press the “Enter room” button for the first time in a room that is required to join that room.
– Conditions for Starter to qualify the Final round of each O(1) or O(n) room:
+ Submitting your problem and get a score (greater than 0) in the Elimination round.
+ Having contest results in the Top 50 on the ranking of the respective room in the Elimination round based on score and time taken.
– During the contest, if a participant is found to violate the cases below, organizers have the right to dismiss the results. Violations are included but not limited to these cases:
+ Your submission has the same source code as those on the internet (except for shared templates on forums or open source libraries). Organizers will check the contestant’s source code to evaluate similarities.
+ Your submission is similar to other’s submission source code.
– In case of disputes, the decision of the organizers is final.

If you have any questions about Codeverse, Starter can contact the domain ThoaNTK4 or send your questions at https://bit.ly/CodeverseQnA for organizers to answer directly!