[VNG UPRACE 2022] Team Challenges

11/10/2022 352

– Eligibility: Groups in VNG Team, including but not limited to Starters.
– Target: VNG Team reached 350,000km after UpRace (Oct 28 – Nov 20).
– Goal of each group: Conquer the team challenge to get the VNG Winning T-Shirts latest version.
– Competition format: Competition between groups in VNG Team, each group has a maximum of 30 members and no minimum number is specified.
– Platform used to record achievements: UpRace

– Time for event registration opening: starting from 00:00 10th October 2021, runners can continue to register and join groups during the event.
– Competition time: from 00:00 28/10/2022 to 23:59 20/11/2021 (24 days). Only activities that are finished/synced to the UpRace app during this time will be counted as valid.
– Vietnamese time (GMT + 7) is used as the standard time zone for the event.
+ Each runner’s account can only select one Team to compete in the event.
+ Runners can change groups before Oct 28, 2022. After this time, if a runner changes his/her groups, his/her achievements will be counted from the beginning (=0km).
+ The runners, who participate in the event after the event starts, will be able to join normally.


Group ranking is recorded based on the total achievements (km) of all members (including double achievements in every Sundays & Special Day 11/11).
Top 50 groups of VNG Leaderboard that conquer the km milestone as shown in the table below will receive the corresponding shirt number for top members:
Besides, Top 3 teams of VNG ranking will receive the special gift sets. Each member will receive:
– Note: The number of shirts and other items can be received up to the number of members of the group.
– How to receive prizes: All winners will receive a confirmation email from the Organizing Committee. Winners can receive UpRace T-shirts as below:
   + (1) For Starters working at VNG Campus: From 28/11 to 12/12/2022 (in working hours), Starter receives rewards directly at the CBC team’s working space as instructed in the email.
   + (2) For runners who are Starters working at other offices (besides VNG Campus) and others: From 28/11 to 12/12/2022, the Organizing Committee will send the T-shirt by post to the address registered on the UpRace app.

– Group ranking is recorded based on the total achievements (km) of all members (including double achievements in every Sundays & Special Day 11/11).
– Valid race is counted when committing the following conditions:
+ Recorded as completed and displayed on the runner’ s UpRace account within 72 hours from the activity’s start time and no later than the last day of the event.
+ Express the map clearly with no sign of critical errors due to the error of catching GPS signals of mobile devices. In case of running on treadmills, the result must be recorded by a fitness tracker or smart watch like Garmin, which is able to synchronize with UpRace.
+ Activities that are duplicated by recording from multiple devices at a same time will be counted as one activity. The priority order of activity’s source will be: 1. UpRace; 2. Garmin; 3. Strava.
+ There is a minimum distance of 1km. There is an unlimited maximum limit. Runners are allowed to pause the activity while running with the purpose of short break;
+ Average Pace maximum is 4:00 minutes/km and minimum is 15:00 minutes/km. Split pace of each 1 km must not be faster than 3:30 minutes/km
+ Runs that take place on Sundays and one special day 11/11/2022 (used UpRace app) during the event period must be completed before 24:00 on that day and double-results will be counted on the achievement of that day. 3. Valid days: is the date of at least one valid run according to the above rule.
+ A runner is certified as completing the competition when he/she has a minimum of 12 valid running days and a minimum total distance of 60 km (including double achievement).
– Note: For runners who do not complete the contest, the completed kilometers are still contributed to the team and donated by the sponsor to a social organization.

During the competition, if cheating is detected, the Organizing Committee has the right to refuse to award the prize and the entire achievement of that member will not be counted in the overall achievement of the team.
In case of dispute, the Dispute Settlement Council’s decision shall be final. The Council members include:
+ Ms. Truong Cam Thanh (thanhtc)
+ Mr. Bui Minh Phuong (phuongbm)
+ Mr. Le Trung Tin (tinlt4)