VNG records nearly 1700 students visiting the offices during VNG University Week

10/07/2023 182

VNG University Week, an annual event organized by VNG, aims to familiarize students from top universities and youth organizations in Vietnam with the company’s business and infrastructure.

This year marked the second cycle of the program, which featured office tours and workshops led by senior professionals who shared their knowledge on the latest technology trends and industry updates. The series took place in both Ho Chi Minh City (VNG Campus) and Hanoi (VNG Hanoi office), attracting the participation of over 1,600 students from 13 leading universities and organizations, including VNU University of Engineering and Technology, Fulbright University Vietnam, and AIESEC.

The workshops, delivered by more than 20 key speakers who were themselves graduates of the participating universities, played a significant role in fostering a sense of familiarity among the students and motivating them to consider a career at VNG. Some of the workshop topics included “The Role of a Game Artist in the Gaming Development Process” and “Career Paths in the Fintech Industry for Finance Students.”

Minh Quoc (second from left), Senior Software Engineer at ZaloPay, discussed with students during the VNG University Week.

During the event, Minh Quoc, a software engineer at ZaloPay and an alumnus of the University of Science and Technology, engaged in discussions with students and shared his personal experiences. He highlighted the importance of skills such as gathering, summarizing, and analyzing knowledge, expressing his wish that he had acquired these skills earlier in his career. Quoc emphasized that developing these techniques would enhance students’ memory and self-learning capabilities, thereby accelerating their personal growth.

In addition to the workshops, VNG University Week featured various interactive activities, including coding mini-contests, cashless shopping challenges with ZaloPay, and opportunities to win exclusive gifts by checking in at the VNG office. These activities provided students with hands-on experiences and further engaged them in the company’s ecosystem.

Students visited VNG campus at VNG University Week.

VNG places great importance on talent development, considering people and technology as its core values. VNG University Week serves as a platform for the company to connect with potential students nationwide, nurture their passion for the technology industry, and empower them to excel in the future digital economy.

With its unwavering commitment to talent development and the recognition of people and technology as fundamental to its operations, VNG consistently strives to provide opportunities for aspiring individuals. VNG University Week stands as one of the company’s initiatives to reach out to promising talents across the country, fuel their enthusiasm for technology, and position them as key drivers in the future digital economy.