VNG promotes the learning culture, emphasizing the goal of investing in people

13/04/2023 263

With the mission of “Build technologies and grow people”, VNG implemented many knowledge exchange activities for employees in March 2023.

Eliminating gender stereotypes by GameTalk “Women in games”

Female in tech has always been the underexplored segments, especially when only 30% of the game industry employees are women, according to the International Game Developers Association (IGDA). In the spirit of International Women’s Day,  VNGGames held a talk named “Women in games – First time revelation” to inspire and debunk prejudices around female roles in this industry. The event enjoyed the participation of Ngo Thi Soa, Group Manager, Head of Game Studio 9, VNG, Linh Pham, Client Solutions Manager, TikTok Global Gaming, and Quynh Anh, Lead Business Analyst, BUFF, VNG.

During a discussion on the limits that women face in the game industry, the guests emphasized that abilities are not determined by gender, but rather by each individual. “Whether it’s a limitation or an opportunity depends on our perspective,” shared Linh Pham. The speaker suggested that to manage personal and family responsibilities simultaneously, appropriate priorities should be set at different phases. Team management tasks are similar to family management tasks, such as planning, assigning work, tracking progress, and financial management. The difference lies in the entities and the surrounding environment we work with.

Regarding career opportunities, Ngo assessed that marketing has the highest percentage of female staff. However, other areas such as business development, system operation, programming, and data analysis are also potential choices. “It’s important to know what you want and understand what you need to do,” emphasized Quynh Anh.

Learning from peers in ZaloPay Talks

ZaloPay Talks is another knowledge exchange program that attracted attention, where ZaloPay employees shared their real-life lessons. Both technical and business team members participated in the event, with ZaloPay Talks No. 1 and 2 respectively focusing on the application of data science in the ZaloPay app and the story of cooperation between ZaloPay and Grab. Learning from colleagues’ experiences is valuable, and ZaloPay Talks offers a great platform for it.

ZaloPay Talks promotes knowledge exchange between departments

Dinh Thai Bao, a software engineer, shared his impression of the program: “As a pure tech-savvy individual, the sales department’s presentation helped people like me understand the whole process of the business”. Meanwhile, Nguyen Ngoc Cham from the growth marketing department said “We sincerely thank the speakers for sharing their findings. Whether or not there are similar obstacles, other departments will be better prepared, thanks to the knowledge resonance.”

In addition to technology projects, VNG also places great importance on human development, aiming to become “The best place in Vietnam for everyone to work, learn, and grow together.” As a result, in 2022, VNG was certified as a “Great Place to Work” by the global authority on workplace culture, Great Place To Work®.