VNG invests in developing data centers and cloud computing, leading growth of the digital economy

15/05/2023 330

The Vietnam Cloud and Data Center Convention has attracted more than 700 professionals and heads of leading organizations of the global information technology industry with the opening topic “What do corporations and multinational enterprises think of Cloud Computing and Colo?”. At the event, VNG shared its strategy to embrace the digital economy, with two key areas: cloud computing and data center.

Truong Thanh Trong, Product Manager at VNG Cloud, stated the need for an optimal performance solution, in the context of businesses maximising more and more parallel computing services. Accordingly, VNG Cloud currently provides the vMonitor Platform to help collect, analyze, and alert on Metric and Log data from VNG Cloud, other Clouds or on-premises environments. “VNG Cloud is the pioneer in Vietnam to provide this solution comprehensively,” Trong added.

Truong Thanh Trong, Product Manager at VNG Cloud, shared about the vMonitor solution

Besides cloud computing, Vietnam’s data center is among the 10 fastest growing markets in the world, with forecasted revenue of 1 billion USD by 2025. Gary McKinnon, Senior Director of Business Development at VNG Digital Business said: “We strongly believe that data is a new key driver of the economy. Being supported by the economic stimulus from the government, the data center infrastructure will soon become the “backbone” of the digital economy”.

According to Gary, the colocation rental market (physical space to place servers, power systems, bandwidth, and related equipment) in the data center is expanding. Hiring colocation services, domestic and foreign businesses will be fully guaranteed in terms of infrastructure, server system stability, connection resilience and highest security, thereby helping to maximize resource optimization and cost savings.

As one of the leading technology companies in Vietnam, VNG has quickly caught up with this wave by investing heavily in VNG Data Center. It is one of the three data centers that meet Uptime Tier III standards in Vietnam in terms of both design and infrastructure, with the largest rack capacity nationally, able to meet the surge in demand of customers.

On April 12, VNG welcomed the leaders of AWS (Amazon Web Services) at VNG Campus. The visit aimed to exchange experiences in constructing and managing database infrastructure, and local factors to consider when expanding business globally. AWS is now a strategic partner of VNG in both data center and cloud computing.