VNG accompanies TEDxDakao in the TEDTalk theme of Aspiration

09/03/2023 260

On February 25th, VNG and TEDxDakao co-organised an inspiration event at VNG campus with the theme “Aspiration”, gathered several prestigious speakers in many fields.

In the event, Kelly Wong, Vice President of Game Entertainment at VNG, shared his multi-dimensional view on gaming and the potential of gaming industry in the development of technology transformation. Contrary to common prejudice, games can become a tool to promote positive behaviors and education. In addition, gaming is the catalyst for change, bringing technological innovation closer to other life areas. Innovations that were originally developed for games (i.e graphics, user interface, virtual reality, etc.) have now widely adopted in other areas such as education, architecture and medicine. Thereby, Kelly hoped that the audience will have a fairer thoughts on games.

The event was proud to have other respectable speakers Denise Truong – Founder and CEO of TYDE Consulting with her speech on personal emotional awareness. Ngo Minh Hieu – known as Hieu PC, gave insights into the data security. Ruby Nguyen – Founder and CEO at Curious, former CEO at Vietcetera, conveyed the message about expecting risks, while young singer-songwriter Cece Truong gave valuable advice on living proactively.

TEDxDaKao was founded in 2018 and has been organised inspirational talks in the format of TED (a educational media with 20 million followers globally).  This event took place at VNG Campus, which had welcomed many elite communities such as the start-up delegation from Singapore under the Vietnam Global Innovation (VNGI) program.

VNG Campus meets the standards for international events