[VNG Reply 2022] VNG Mind Challenges – War of Brains, Best teammates – Get big prizes

29/12/2022 148

As part of a series of activities to celebrate VNG Reply 2022, VNG Mind Challenges (VMC) will officially launch with 2 special challenge rounds.

This event, VMC will continue to compete with team mode and come with a lot of amazing prizes. VMC 2022 expects to bring exciting moments to Starter and your teammates.

1. Timeline:
– VMC No.1: 4:00 P.M (GMT+7). Wednesday, Jan 4
– VMC No.2: 2:00 P.M (GMT+7). Wednesday, Jan 11
*Note: Starters need to enter the contest room 15 minutes before to prepare.
2. Participants: Starters working at both offices in Vietnam and overseas.
3. Device: Smartphones or laptops/PC with connection to the Internet.
4. How to play VMC:
a. Log in:
– Step 1: Starter visit https://2022.vng.com.vn/ website on your laptop/PC to get the PIN of Kahoot.
– Step 2: Visit the Kahoot.it website on your phone or computer and enter PIN from Step 1.
– Step 3: Enter your name following your DOMAIN, and then click “OK, go!”.
– Step 4: Choose your team based on your Business Unit.
📌 Note:
– If you accidentally join the wrong team, please choose “Leave team” and join the right one.
– You must participate in your correct BU to be recognized for valid results and awarded. List of the teams:
+ Team 1: BO + CLS + INCT
+ Team 2: ZA
+ Team 3: GE
+ Team 4: PY

b. Format:
– Starter follows the questions at https://2022.vng.com.vn/ website & choose the correct answer at Kahoot.it .
– Each round will have 10 questions with different forms to answer: multiple choice that choose 1 or more answers, arrange in the correct order, or fill in the answers.
– Starter who answers correctly and in less time will receive a higher score.

📌 Note:
– During the challenge, Starter can not exit the Kahoot.it to avoid the situation that you are unable to name your domain when log in again.
– The Organizer reserve the right to decline to award prizes for non-Starter participants and Starter does not have the correct domain name. Valid achievements will be counted by the next ranked player.
– The Organizer does not solve the cases that cannot participate due to external factors such as the Internet network of your computer.

5. Topics and content of questions:
– Each battle will have 10 English questions designed by representatives from VNG Games, ZaloPay, Zalo & TrueID.
– The questions revolve around 3 topics related to VNG, logic, mathematics, natural science or socio-economic knowledge,… and the appearance of a special guest from the Advisory board.

6. VMC prizes:
This is the first year VMC has had attractive prizes for Top 3 Starters.

7. Awarding mechanism:
– The winners’ names will be posted on the Start website & my VNG.
– The Organizer will contact Starter via email to confirm the relevant information and award prizes.

8. Contact point: For any inquiries about VMC, please contact Mr. DangNH15 (CBC Team) for support.

See you soon at our first challenge!