[VNG18] Be ready to let your hair down with VNG18 – Into the Verse

05/09/2022 230

There are only a few days left until VNG officially turns 18 years old! On this very special day of 09 September, VNG Campus will welcome more than 3000 Starters in Vietnam and other foreign offices to gather and bond via exciting games, share mesmerizing memories, and enter the journey of VNG18 – Into the Verse.

Let’s see what Verses to be explored this 09 September:
Don’t get lost among several activities around our campus! Save this map to your phone and make sure not to lose a single moment with VNG18 on 09 September.
VNG18 is all about fun and games. Therefore, do not miss out on Gameverse, which offers entertainment options that guarantee to hype you up:

? Individual Game:
Fit In! and Beat Saber are two VR games that allow Starters to immerse themselves in the virtual world in which you will run and pass hurdles.
Audition: Showing off your dance move in catchy rhythm when matching your steps with the arrows on the screen.
Neon Painting: Create works of art with vibrant neon colors on your body.

? Team Game: Starters team up with your colleagues to meet the challenges below:
Physical Challenges: A group of 03 Starters cooperates to tackle obstacles one at a time.
Human Tic Tac Toe: A cup flip challenge between two teams of players (03 Starters each) determines who gets to play checkers first up until a three-character sequence is lined up.
Foosball: For five minutes, two teams with two starters each use a foosball table to kick the ball into the other team’s goal.
VR Arena: Survival games in virtual reality mode for two teams of 3 Starters each.

From 3PM – 6PM, Foodverse – the international culinary event will open its door for Starters to explore and experience a variety of gourmet food from 5 different famous cuisines: Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea and Latin America. Save the details below and ready for your taste-bud journey.

? How to explore Foodverse:
– Starters use vouchers achieved by engaging in Gameverse activities to exchange for servings on the event day (1 voucher = 1 serving).
– In case Starters do not take part in any activities of Gameverse, you can still use ZaloPay to purchase food at a price of VND18.000/serving.
– Besides, we will also offer a variety of refreshers exclusive from Heineken, Coca-Cola, Fanta throughout the event.
– Our familiar F&B neighbors at VNG Campus (Phuc Long, The Coffee House, Beo oi,…) will offer various promotions in celebration of VNG18.

Details about Foodverse will be updated constantly on the Facebook Event page of VNG18 – Into the Verse. Follow us and keep up with the latest news!

In the meantime, do not forget all the supporting activities to help you get ready and hype up on the BIG day!

VNG18 Social Contest (09 – 11 September)
? Participants: Starters in all offices
? How to join:
– Step 1: Snap a pose at VNG18 event areas (see the map below)
– Step 2: Check in Life at VNG, and post it on your personal Facebook page with the hashtag #VNG18 #IntotheVerse #VNG18_SocialContest.

?  The 18 luckiest Starters will receive a reward of VND 180,000, one tote bag, and one exclusive cup.

?  VNG18 Social Contest result will be announced on 13 September on Facebook Event Page VNG18 – Into the Verse.

VNG18 Stickers: A set of stickers with the theme VNG18 – Into the Verse are available on Instagram and Facebook Story to amplify the excitement in your photos and videos captured at the event.
To insert VNG18 Stickers into your images/videos:
– Step 1: Starter takes photos/videos/posts content on your Facebook/Instagram story.
– Step 2: Select the Stickers item > type the keyword “VNG” or “VNG18” > select the sticker of your choice.
– Step 3: Tag or check in “Life at VNG” so that we can recognize your participation!

? In order to prepare for VNG18, some current car parking areas at VNG Campus will be used to hold the event from September 06 to the end of September 09. Therefore, Starter please be understanding and update the new route to the parking lot at VNG Campus: Go straight Tan Thuan street, then turn right into Street 13. Hotline: 0905445006 (KhanhNV3).

For any queries, contact VNG18 Event Organizing Committee: CBC Team or domain DungNTT3.